Changing Site Logo and Welcome Message with the Holiday
  • 2021/2/10 22:59

  • BigKev73

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I made this change awile ago, but thought I would share it. This is pretty much a change to the default theme header. This is the change I made to theme.tpl to the header section.

<!-- Start Header -->
table cellspacing="0">
tr id="header">
td id="headerlogo"><a href="<{xoAppUrl /}>" title="<{$xoops_sitename}>"><{php}>
//This is used to calculate the various holidays and change the main Banner Logo Appropriately
$currentYear date("Y");
$day date("j");
$mnth date("n");
//Used to Calculate floating Holidays
$easterday date("j"easter_date($currentYear));  
$eastermnth date("n"easter_date($currentYear));  
$edaystart = ($easterday 7);
$edaystop = ($easterday 2);
                if (
$edaystart<) {$edaystart 1;}
                if (
$edaystop>31 ) {$edaystop 31;}
$turkeyDay date('j'strtotime("november $currentYear fourth thursday"));
$turkeyStart = ($turkeyDay 7);
$turkeyStop = ($turkeyDay 2);
//Normal Image
$HolidayMsg "Hello";
$logofile $this->_tpl_vars['xoops_imageurl']. "logo_normal.jpg";
if ($mnth == "12" AND $day <= 29){
$logofile $this->_tpl_vars['xoops_imageurl']. "logo_xmas.jpg";
$HolidayMsg "Merry Christmas";
                }else if (
$mnth == "11" AND $day $turkeyStop ) {
$logofile $this->_tpl_vars['xoops_imageurl']. "logo_xmas.jpg";
$HolidayMsg "Merry Christmas";
}else if ($mnth == "12" AND $day 29) {
$logofile $this->_tpl_vars['xoops_imageurl']. "logo_newyears.jpg";
$HolidayMsg "Happy New Years";
                }else if (
$mnth == "1" AND $day 7) {
$logofile $this->_tpl_vars['xoops_imageurl']. "logo_newyears.jpg";
$HolidayMsg "Happy New Years";
//St Pattys Day
}else if ($mnth == "3" AND $day 10 AND $day <= 19){
$logofile $this->_tpl_vars['xoops_imageurl']. "logo_stpattys.jpg";
$HolidayMsg "Happy St. Patty's Day";
}else if ($mnth == $eastermnth AND $day >= $edaystart and $day <= $edaystop){
$logofile $this->_tpl_vars['xoops_imageurl']. "logo_easter.jpg";
$HolidayMsg "Happy Easter";
//4th July
}else if ($mnth == "6" AND $day >= 28){
$logofile $this->_tpl_vars['xoops_imageurl']. "logo_4thjuly.jpg";
$HolidayMsg "Happy 4th of July";
                }else if (
$mnth == "7" AND $day <= 6){
$logofile $this->_tpl_vars['xoops_imageurl']. "logo_4thjuly.jpg";
$HolidayMsg "Happy 4th of July";
}else if ($mnth == "11" AND $day >= $$turkeyStart AND $day <= $turkeyStop ) {
$logofile $this->_tpl_vars['xoops_imageurl']. "logo_turkey.jpg";
$HolidayMsg "Happy Thanksgiving";
//Default Normal Logo
$logofile $this->_tpl_vars['xoops_imageurl']. "logo_normal.jpg";
'<img src="' $logofile '"';    
php}> alt="<{$xoops_sitename}>"/></a></td>
td id="headerbanner"><{$xoops_banner}></td>
td id="headerbar" colspan="2" height="25" style="vertical-align: middle;"><FONT COLOR #0066FF><B>&nbsp;<{if $xoops_isuser}> <{php}>echo $HolidayMsg;<{/php}> <{$xoops_name}> and Welcome Back! &nbsp;<{else}> <{php}>echo $HolidayMsg;<{/php}>! If you're new here, please register for a free account <{/if}>&nbsp;</B></FONT COLOR></td>
End header -->

This looks at the date, then changes the img src to the appropriate logo depending on the holiday. It changes a few days before the holiday and reset a few days after the holiday. It also changes the welcome message that appears in the header bar. Each of those images are basically my same site logo, with a different holiday theme added to it.

Hopefully, someone else finds this useful. I am sure there is a more SMARTY way of doing this. I just figured it was easier for me to inject PHP to handle it.

Re: Changing Site Logo and Welcome Message with the Holiday
  • 2021/2/11 4:36

  • Mamba

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Very cool!

I hope, one of our theme designers will be able to use it.
Use 2.5.10 | Docs | Modules | Bugs

Re: Changing Site Logo and Welcome Message with the Holiday
  • 2021/2/12 9:58

  • alain01

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Hi Kev,
2 remarks,

- Add a directory images in the theme, better than in the root theme directory
- If we want to generalize your code, we should take into account the international and geographic aspect of the dates.
Example 1:The holidays are not all at the same time depending on the country, depending on the region (3 different zones in France),
Example 2: certain holidays do not exist in certain countries (July 4 in the United States, July 14 in France)

I dont find xoops smarty date to transform your php code in template files with smarty tests but I'm not a specialist.



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