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Posted on: 2017/3/20 19:40
Hadesteam (Show more)
Not too shy to talk
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PageSpeed Insights /include/xoops.js Problem

I ran my site test and it came out like this:

How to fix it so that this message does not appear ?

Eliminate the blocking JavaScript and CSS rendering from the part of the page that appears on the screen
The page contains blocking scripts (10) and blocking CSS resources (3). This causes delays in rendering the page.
A portion of the page on the screen could not render without having to wait for these resources. Try delaying loading of locking resources, loading them asynchronously, or embedding the most important elements of these assets directly into HTML.
Remove JavaScript rendering blocking code:
Http://www.kulturystyka.org.pl/...sea ... taculous/lib/prototype.js
Http://www.kulturystyka.org.pl/...ch/ ... lous/src/scriptaculous.js
Http://www.kulturystyka.org.pl/...mys ... iptaculous/src/builder.js
Http://www.kulturystyka.org.pl/..myse ... iptaculous/src/effects.js
Http://www.kulturystyka.org.pl/...yse ... ptaculous/src/dragdrop.js
Http://www.kulturystyka.org.pl/...yse ... ptaculous/src/controls.js
Http://www.kulturystyka.org.pl/.../my ... riptaculous/src/slider.js