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Not too shy to talk
Posted on: 3/17 13:31
Hadesteam (Show more)
Not too shy to talk
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Xoops themes and Open Graph Tags small problem

Today configured the open graph tags. By accessing https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/sharing/ and typing a sample address http://www.kulturystyka.org.pl/module ... /article.php?storyid=1071 everything is ok apart that does not read the article title. Instead title of the article "Jak Zacząć Trening Po Długiej Przerwie?" displays: "Kulturystyka.org.pl Ćwiczenia, Mięśnie, Trening, Fitness, Dieta".
Previously, I had misconfigured the default image that you want to display the available articles. When pasting the link no matter what article Sharing Debugger appears old image after pressing Scrape Againg it appears so it should be. Question: if this situation is only a matter of time and waiting for me to debug all materials on the site?
I would ask for help in this matter. Best wishes