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Posted on: 2016/11/24 9:48
Peekay (Show more)
XOOPS is my life!
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Extgallery. Force photo title and upload

I have been doing some work with Extgallery recently and found that the module will automatically use the filename if no photo title is entered. This is useful, but if you want to force users to enter a title you can change the following.

In public_upload.php at about line 68, simply change FALSE at the end of the line to TRUE (as shown) and the Xoops form feature will make the field required.

// pk make photo title a required field (set TRUE)
$form->addElement(new XoopsFormText(_MD_EXTGALLERY_PHOTO_TITLE'photo_title''50''150'),true);

It's a good idea to make uploading a photo a requirement, so you can make the change again just below at around line 74:

// pk make uploading a photo a requirement
$form->addElement(new XoopsFormFile(_MD_EXTGALLERY_PHOTO'photo_file'$xoopsModuleConfig['max_photosize']),true);

The second change might be a better default IMHO.