no session when I installed a clone of my site for internal test
  • 2014/2/4 13:34

  • lolofran

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I have a installation issue:
I manage a very old (2.1.3) version of xoops hosted on OVH, that works fine.
I managed to make huge modification in users database so I decided to install a copy of the site on a local apache server on my laptop.
I successfully installed apache with a php, phpmyadmin and the web site run successfully
(I see all pages with db access to everything)
But the problem comes when I try to login, the session seems to be lost: After login successfully, when I try to reach a restricted part of the site (administration for instance) xoops page answers that I haven't sufficient rights.
On the local clone of the site, after login in, the url includes "PHSESSID=..", I tried to change that in php.ini, following an article about removing PHSESSID, but it has no effect.
I'm not enough skilled in apache to know exactly how sessions are managed and what is missing in my installation, regarding to the original site hosted in ovh
Could you help me please ?

Re: no session when I installed a clone of my site for internal test
  • 2014/2/21 19:27

  • lolofran

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Hi again,
no answers for this issue ?
I did some investigations and trials:
with phpinfo, I compared the original website where xoops site is ok (no PHPSESSIONID in url, and once I'm logged, I can navigate in the part of the site only allowed to logged users), with the phpinfo() values on my local installation.
Then I modified all the values that were differents.
No effect. Please, could you help me ? Did you had this issue, in a transfer of a web site for instance ?
May be someone could give me a link about how to operate a transfer of website xoops ? (I could have missed something)

Re: no session when I installed a clone of my site for internal test
  • 2014/2/21 19:45

  • Mamba

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It will be easier if you could tell us what you want to achieve in the end?

Do you want to upgrade your XOOPS installation to XOOPS 2.5.6, or do something different?

When you say "huge modification in users database", you mean, you've changed content of the users, or you've changed the structure of the DB?

Normally, you shouldn't see PHSESSID in your URL, at least I never seen it, but I am not an Apache expert, so I couldn't help you here.

But let's start with your goals for this installation - what is the end result you want to achieve here?
Use 2.5.10 | Docs | Modules | Bugs



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