XOOPS, life or death
  • 2014/1/7 10:19

  • sova

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first, Please read all of this and Do not take a hasty decision.
My intention is not to destroy XOOPS.Because I like to XOOPS, I'm worried.
I have a few simple questions:
XOOPS has grown in the past few years?
XOOPS is able to attract the powerful people?
XOOPS could go on the Roadmap? (Final Version: March 2013)

My intention is not to insult XOOPS managers.
But it was better if did not allow the separation of the ????? and XOOPS Engine ?
Check right now the all supported sites.
And ...

all the these sites are inactive Or Low activity.

with these terms, is hope for the XOOPS future?

Please talk logic, not emotion

Excuse me to All.
I can not speak English well.
I get help from Google Translate.

Re: XOOPS, life or death
  • 2014/1/7 13:56

  • Mamba

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Nothing to worry - XOOPS has a long life ahead of it!

The work on XOOPS 2.6.0 is going strongly forward, and I suggest to to read the development updates here:


and follow the development on GitHub

There is also work being finalized on XOOPS 2.5.7, which will be fully PHP 5.5 compatible.

Clearly, there was a lot of clean-up needed in the XOOPS Core to bring it up to the latest technologies, and XOOPS 2.6.0 is taking care of that. Once done, it will enable us to rapidly add new features to it. Again, I suggest to look at the source code on GitHub to really see the differences and the magnitude of changes.

It is also exciting to see our best designers starting to work together on creating a common theme framework based on Bootstrap.

Based on what I've seen so far in XOOPS 2.6.0 and the recent great work on themes, I am confident that 2014 will be the best year for XOOPS yet, and things will progress faster!

But as always, this is an Open Source community project, so it is up to you Sova and others to make it better by contributing!

Seriously, everybody who loves XOOPS and is worrying - please ask yourself:

"Where could I help? What could I do to make XOOPS better?"

We all know the areas where XOOPS is lacking - documentation is probably the most obvious. Can you help there?

- you can write documentation for Core or modules
- you can develop new modules, or updated existing ones
- you can create new themes or update existing ones
- you can pay somebody to develop a feature you're missing in XOOPS and contribute the code back to XOOPS

There are hundreds of different ways we can contribute, and with each contribution XOOPS will get better!
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Re: XOOPS, life or death
  • 2014/1/8 7:31

  • sova

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Thank you, Dear Mamba
Nice landscape.
But in reality, most Support sites were inactive. And that means lower user
For example:
in Persian site supports, Until a few years ago, many users were active and their website launched with XOOPS. But now we have two Or three people active.
XOOPS Arabic site that is totally disabled. And other sites ...

Is this not worrying?

Excuse me.
I can not speak English well.
I get help from Google Translate.

Re: XOOPS, life or death
  • 2014/1/8 7:58

  • Mamba

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I don't know what else to tell you, as it seems that you prefer to see glass half-empty and to worry about things!

If there would be no new development, then I would agree with you. But as I have pointed you to XOOPS on GitHub, XOOPS 2.6.0 is moving forward, and there is a clear progress with some cool things coming up. So if you invest today in building a XOOPS Website, you know that you will be able to use it for a long time.

I am repeating myself, but as I said before - you have a choice:

- you can keep worrying and do nothing about it, or
- you can help us to make XOOPS better and stronger

Look, by worrying and doing nothing, you are not helping XOOPS!

Therefore I am inviting you to do something about it!

Where could you help us?
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