It's Official: XOOPS is opening a branch on GitHub! :)
  • 2013/8/29 0:21

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There will be some official announcements coming soon, but we just wanted to start the buzz already!

Join us on GitHub - we're now officially there as well!

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Our all normal activities will continue on SourceForge as usual, incl. XOOPS 2.5.x

But for XOOPS 2.6.0 development we wanted to give GitHub a try!

Please spread the word to all your friends and please join us there to participate and contribute!

And please FORK us! :)

This starts a VERY EXCITING period in our XOOPS journey - with a lot of cool things coming up!!!

There is already something new and awesome in the GitHub version of XOOPS 2.6.0. We'll see if you can find it :)

Actually, there are two new and awesome things there... Try to find them....

More information will be coming soon....
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Re: It's Official: XOOPS is opening a branch on GitHub! :)

is that mean the modules and other things will all be in github ?

Re: It's Official: XOOPS is opening a branch on GitHub! :)

At this time as I understand it if it is related to 2.6 it will definetly be moved to GitHUB. If its related to 2.5 or older it will likely remain on SVN. 2.6 is a huge departure from 2.5 and the separation would be a good thing.. This way if you see it on GitHub you know it is compatible with 2.6. Work is being done to try and maintain compatibility with as much Legacy stuff as possible but if we can keep GitHub to 2.6 only stuff it will be helpful I think.

IMHO anyhow. I don't have any pull with this but I am hoping this is the way it will be.. Will help keep people less confused down the road.

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