UHQ_GeoLocate v0.94 Released!

I know I've been away from code life for a bit, which is what happens with kids and jobs and things. However, I decided to kick up coding some things again and figured I'd go for the low-hanging fruit and sharpen up the skills, so to speak.

To that end, I have updated my UHQ_GeoLocate module:

Release 0.94 :: June 15, 2013

Feature Adds
Ability to cache IPv6 queries w/ API calls.
MaxMind GeoIP API now supports IPv6 queries.
IPinfoDB v3 API now supports IPv6 queries.

Code Changes
Converted to XOOPS 2.5.5 Admin GUI (Mamba)
Further optimization of the geolocate.class, code collapses.

Change log also in text format, since it's supported in the Admin GUI.
Development environment is now XOOPS 2.5.6.

Release 0.93 :: June 11, 2013

Feature Adds
Added ability to expire cached entries after an arbitrary number of days.
Added IPInfoDB v3 API support w/ city and country-level lookups (IPv4).
Added FreeGeoIP.net support (IPv4).

Code Changes
Minor code cleanups and optimizations.
Removes distribution sample binary files if the module is already installed.

Fixed module upgrade script for v0.91 upgrades.

The code repository for the module is now hosted on GitHub under uhq_geolocate for anyone who is interested. Additionally, the module strings now note the underscore in the module name.

Downloadable here: http://xoops.underwood-hq.org/modules ... inglefile.php?cid=1&lid=6

Re: UHQ_GeoLocate v0.94 Released!

Hello, thank you for this update.

Unfortunately, the link go to the RC version 0.93

Can you send your modules on Xoops sourceforge?

Re: UHQ_GeoLocate v0.94 Released!

Looks like I updated all the metadata, but forgot to change the file itself. That has been fixed.

Updating releases on SourceForge is something I could be interested in. However, I have no love for subversion after I got my mits on Git and SourceTree. :)

Re: UHQ_GeoLocate v0.94 Released!
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However, I have no love for subversion after I got my mits on Git and SourceTree. :)

Sometimes you need to take for the team

For XOOPS 2.6.0 Core and modules we'll be most probably switching to GitHub, but we still would like to keep the code on SourceForge SVN as well. We just need to find a mechanism to keep them both in sync.
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