xAsset 0.94 Alpha 1 available for testing/feedback
  • 2013/3/4 0:39

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I have updated xAsset to XOOPS 2.5.5 Admin GUI. This is the first pass only, so that's why it is released as Alpha 1. There are still couple of minor bugs that I am aware of, but I am sure, that our users will find several more

What is xAsset?

xAsset, originally developed by McNaz, is a Xoops module designed for digital media sales and distribution. Initially this was designed for shareware authors but the module architecture has been extended to selling and distributing any digital asset such as MP3 files, EXE files or PDF documents. Anything that can be downloaded can be managed from xAsset.

xAsset also enables selling group membership, ideal for selling subscriptions to premium online content. Members can be viewed along side their membership expiry details.

I talked to Voltan who is making currently some improvements to Oledrion, and we would like to look into having a common "payments" platform, maybe something based on xPayments from Wishcraft (once we get rid of any bugs there), that could be utilized by all XOOPS modules. This way, we'll need to develop payment gateways only once, and all modules could take advantage of it. Right now each module does it individually.

I hope that together with Oledrion, xAsset will help us to have much stronger eCommerce offering, for both physical products, as well as digital media and services/memberships.

But we'll need a lot of help with that, as this is not an easy task. If you like the direction, please join and help us.

Download: xAsset 0.94 Alpha 1

There is an excellent tutorial in the /docs, that will give you some good idea about the module.
Use 2.5.10 | Docs | Modules | Bugs


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