User access to temporaly
  • 2012/3/4 15:48

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My query is whether it is possible to give users access to temporarily.
For example 6 months or 12 months notice of expiration

Is there any module or from the same system.


Re: User access to temporaly
  • 2012/3/4 16:16

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Wishcraft made a module called membership, members pay for an amount of time to get access to the site. I'm not sure if payment for access the only option is...


Re: User access to temporaly

After I am done redoing the install script I will be working on a patch to 2.5 that will add this feature which I hope makes it to an early version of 2.6.

I will be adding a membership type system and support for group based themes.

It will need a module to support a pay system and such. But will allow alot of flexibility for normal systems that don't need a pay system.

It will be a while before this will be available however since I am finishing up some classes for the semester before I get back to the install script.

So keep an eye open for this in a couple months.

If you need a payment system then my patch you not work for you as is without a module add on that is compatible with it. (Should work along side a membership program if need be. )

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Re: User access to temporaly
  • 2012/3/5 4:50

  • guspel

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Thanks Flipse
I will try

Waiting For the patch

In my case it is best:
1 - Create subscriptions for 6 or 12 months
2 - Payment by paypal
3 - Power to create a password that will last the time of subscription

But I can accommodate my needs the system to exist.
Thanks for the answers


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