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Posted on: 2011/11/18 21:56
trabis (Show more)
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Profile smarty plugin v1.0

Hi there,

I've made a smarty plugin that enables you to display any field(custom or not) from a given user. (Requires profile module)

//  Examples:
//  <{profile uid=1 field="uname"}>     displays user name of the user which uid is 1
//  <{profile uid=$myid field="uname"}> displays user name of the user which uid is $myid(assigned to template)
//  <{profile uid=$story.posterid field="user_avatar"}> displays avatar of the user which uid is $story.posterid(assigned to template, ie. news_item.html)
//  <{profile field="uname"}>           displays user name of the current user
//  <{profile field="field_name"}>      displays field_name of the current user

This plugin respects access and visiblity permissions set on profile module.
I did not tested it much so you may expect bugs and/or lack of features.

I hope you find it useful.

Download it from here:
http://code.google.com/p/xuups/downlo ... on_profile_1.0_trabis.zip


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Posted on: 2011/11/18 21:59
deka87 (Show more)
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Re: Profile smarty plugin v1.0

mmmm nice. thanks trabis. very much appericated!
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