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Posted on: 2010/4/13 22:13
dhardy (Show more)
Just popping in
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Need a CBB 3.08 "Subscribe to Forum" Hack

Like on phpBB 3.0, I need the ability for members to subscribe to ALL threads in a forum.

The alternative would be to be able to choose a group or groups to automatically receive notification when a new thread was added to a forum.

Can anyone help?


Posted on: 2010/4/15 14:57
mboyden (Show more)
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Re: Need a CBB 3.08 "Subscribe to Forum" Hack

There is the ability to be notified any time a new topic is created in a particular forum. This is in the notifications area instead of a menu like in phpBB. You'll have to turn on notifications and then in the preferences allow them to choose new thread. There is also a Global new post and several other options. This allows them to "subscribe" to various types of notifications.

Is this not what you need?
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