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Posted on: 2009/1/15 17:22
shidoyo (Show more)
Just popping in
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Great Free Webhosting

Being stucked at using http://www.cwahi.net as free host in my current living area, Shenzhen, I finally find one great 100% free webhosting company which provides exactly what XOOPS 2.3.2b requires.

I want to share the joy with all.

1. Check-out free domain availability with www.co.cc. Register and wait about two days to enter DNS. They are promoting 1+1. That is you got free name.co.cc and name.cc.cc (but the later one with a website promoting Paypal or Westgate/No change).

2. In the mean time, apply to www.profusehost.net which, you will find, will give you a great surprise. Its provision absolutely match XOOPS 2.3.2b and relevant new modules.

Wish you all gays a happy day !