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Just can't stay away
Posted on: 2008/8/28 0:00
Northern (Show more)
Just can't stay away
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What i miss?

so what did I miss?

I see XGarage is down.
alot less of the ? tossing.
a new look,
and I see Darcy got all the info out of HelpXoops before the timer turned the site off.

I see many new Names/faces and some old ones too.

any thing else?


Posted on: 2008/8/29 8:29
Anonymous (Show more)
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Re: What i miss?


You've missed a fair bit, inc a 2.0.18.x core update and some new/updated modules.

Also, 2.3.0 has had some significant progress and is well worth a look before the Final is released.

Some cracking new themes, too, inc some rather smart admin themes.

Basically, things seem to be moving forward apace, the atmosphere is good and generally hunky dorey.

Welcome back - good to see you again