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In 2004 the Documentation Team of that time posted a proposal for a Documentation Roadmap.

Core Documentation
This would be the core set of documents we need to be strongly positioned. Of course we can start with a lot less, but I’d say we do need a target to aspire to, and this list seems to be a very worthy target:

General Documents
(XR-001) What is XOOPS
(XR-002) A brief history of XOOPS
(XR-003) The XOOPS Universe
(XL-001) The XOOPS GNU/GPL License
(XL-002) Terms and conditions of use
(XL-003) XOOPS Privacy Statement
(XL-004) The XOOPS Foundation Charter
(XR-005) XOOPS Contributors

Documents for developers and power users
NOTICE: For this particular area this is a proposal to the developers. The more technical documents would be under the devs’ direct control, as asked by the devs themselves. This is an area I don’t know much about, so this is mainly a kind of wish list. Please be aware that these lists include both long and short documents. Some of the documents proposed here are only a few paragraphs long, while others are booklets or complete handbooks.

(XD-001) XOOPS Core Development Roadmap
(XD-002) XOOPS Modules Roadmap
(XD-003) XOOPS Themes Roadmap
(XD-004) XOOPS Quality Control Roadmap
(XD-005) XOOPS Support Roadmap
(XD-006) XOOPS Documentation Roadmap
(XD-007) XOOPS Community Relations Roadmap
(XD-008) XOOPS Product Development Roadmap

Technical documents
(XD-101) XOOPS Core Functions
(XD-102) XOOPS Base Documents - phpDocs
(XD-103) XOOPS Base Documents - phpXRef
(XD-104) XOOPS Javascript Functions

(XD-201) XOOPS Coding Standars
(XD-202) XOOPS File Headers
(XD-203) XOOPS Theme Documentation
(XD-204) XOOPS Theme Certification
(XD-205) XOOPS Module Documentation
(XD-206) XOOPS Module Certification

Documents for general users

Installation and usage
(XU-001) XOOPS Requirements
(XU-002) XOOPS Installation Guide
(XU-003) XOOPS Operations Guide
(XU-004) Troubleshooting XOOPS

Development at user level
(XU-101) XOOPS Module Development Guide
(XU-102) XOOPS Theme Development Guide
(XU-103) XOOPS CVS Access Guide
(XU-104) XOOPS SVN Access Guide

Assorted subjects
(XU-201) The XOOPS Module Registry
(XU-202) The XOOPS Theme Registry
(XU-203) XOOPS Hacks
(XU-204) An introduction to XOOPS and Smarty
(XU-205) The XOOPS Glossary
(XU-206) Best of XOOPS' Forums
(XU-207) An assortment of XOOPS FAQs
(XU-208) Favorite Code Snippets

Documents for new users

Visual introductions
(XN-001) A visual introduction to XOOPS
(XN-002) A XOOPS' Webmaster Basic Manual

Anatomy Series
(XN-101) Anatomy of a XOOPS Site
(XN-102) Anatomy of a Module
(XN-103) Anatomy of a Theme
(XN-104) Anatomy of a theme.html file
(XN-105) Anatomy of a style.css file

How do I... Series
(XN-201) How do I... install XOOPS
(XN-202) How do I... customize a site using XOOPS
(XN-203) How do I... manage modules
(XN-204) How do I... manage blocks
(XN-205) How do I... manage users
(XN-206) How do I... manage content
(XN-207) How do I... manage themes
(XN-208) How do I... manage images
(XN-209) How do I... create multilingual sites

Some of that has been written, but majority of that is still open. We would like to reevaluate the proposal, and then setup a new Documentation Team to start working on that. Please let us know if this proposal is still valid, and if not, what should be deleted or what should be added to it.

It's always easier to create a team and keep it busy if we know what exactly is needed to get done.

Of course, WE NEED VOLUNTEERS for the Documentation Team. The beauty of this is that you could be a beginner in XOOPS, but you could still contribute to this team.

Please register for this team here
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