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Posted on: 2008/4/19 19:17
Jinju (Show more)
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How do i remove Left and Right Sidebar for a single page in xoops

XOOPS Version:
Module Name/Version: No name currently/ Self Developed
PHP Version: 5.2.4
MySQL Version: 5.0.45-community-nt
Web Server Software (Apache/IIS/Other): Apache (XAMPP)
Operating System: Windows XP
Theme you are using: Personally Designed Theme (Martial Waking L33t NINJ4 Edition)
Custom template: No
PHP Debug Messages: No need for it
MySQL Debug Messages: Module currently not using MySQL
Smarty Debug Messages: Not Using Smarty System as far as i know
A full description of the issue:

If this has been posted before i apologize in advance. Reason being is that i have no idea what to search for exactly.

That being said, i am working on a simple comic viewer XOOPS module. While the module works fine, my problem is that in the theme i made there is too little space between the left sidebar and the right sidebar to display a comic large enough to be seen. So what i wanted to do was make the sidebars not display only on the page that displays the comic. That way i keep the advantages of having a module (User control, Menu entries) without having to make a page outside of XOOPS that would lack that. My site is located here if you need an example of what I'm working with Martial Waking.

I hope that it can actually be done, and that I'll find the answer here. Once again if instructions to this have been posted before i apologize. If anything you can direct me to that post.
Thanks in Advance


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Posted on: 2008/4/21 3:25
jfmoore (Show more)
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Re: How do i remove Left and Right Sidebar for a single page in xoops

I have a couple of suggestions:

1. If it's a comic strip that you are referring to, you might consider a vertical, instead of horizontal, format. Just take the original and modify it in a photo editor pgm. I do it this way.

2. If you want to display it w/o left and right columns showing, then you must make sure that no blocks are set to display on that page. You can modify your theme so that the left (and right, if necessary) columns will be hidden if there are no blocks set to display. Instructions here:
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Hope that helps.