Error when clicking link in wflinks 1.03

Any time someone clicks one of the links on wflinks 1.03, they get this error:

This page cannot be displayed due to an internal error.

You can provide the following information to the administrators of this site to help them solve the problem:

Class wflAgeHandler does not exist.
Handler Name: age

Can anyone tell me how to fix this? XOOPS version is 2.0.17.
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Re: Error when clicking link in wflinks 1.03
  • 2008/2/7 21:47

  • McDonald

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You have installed the original WF-Links 1.03 module which contains many bugs and should not be used on any production website.

It's recommended to uninstall this module and replace it with WF-Links 1.04.

You can download WF-Links 1.04 here.

WF-Links support forum:http://members.lycos.nl/mcdonaldsstore/phpBB2/

WF-Links 1.04

Today WF-Links 1.04 has been released

In this version most icons have been replaced and a few options have been added.

The Google PageRank feature can be turned on/off in Preferences. The reason for adding this option is that I noted that when the PageRank is not available this feature will slow down a website dramastically.

Social Bookmarks
This is a new feature in WF-Links. The Social Bookmarks will be displayed under the description when viewing the full description of a link. This feature can be turned on/off in Preferences

New is the option to add tags. For this the Tag module has to be installed.

In Preferences the editor to use can be selected for administrators and users.

Changelog WF-Links 1.04
- Changed version number to 1.04
- Fixed search routine
- Fixed category path in singlelink view
- Fixed some typos
- Improved 'Back' button
- PageRank can be switched off in Preferences
- Added main category title to main index
- Added icon in submit form for checking url
- Added Pagerank to Pingtime page as extra check for brokenlinks
- Added Latest Listings to Main Menu
- Added editor DHTML Extended
- Added social bookmarks
- Added support for Tag-module
- Added extra page nav above link listing in Main Index
- Editor for user & admin can be different (Preferences)
- Removed Spaw editor from selection menu
- Replaced icons by new ones (famfamfam.org)

Resized Image

Larger image:http://members.lycos.nl/mcdonaldsstore/xoops_general/wflinks_1.png

WF-Links 1.04 can be downloaded from McDonalds Store

Re: Error when clicking link in wflinks 1.03
  • 2009/2/16 18:25

  • alphamonk

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I have been using WF-Links 1.04 in Xoop 2.3 for about two months or so. I really like the page ranking feature.

Now that I have blown smoke up skirt, I have a question for you. When I initially started using WF-Links I created and deleted some links. Since then I have created 7 links to sites that work prefectly.

I recently noticed that my main WF-Links page has some links on it that don't go anywhere. I submitted them as broken links and saw they were my first few links that I deleted a while ago.

I worked around the broken links by changing my 5 to 0 in links to show in the Main WF-Links page.

How do I remove broken links I don't see anything in the admin area about broken links.



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