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Posted on: 2008/1/11 0:34
mboyden (Show more)
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XOOPS 2.3 Profiles Module - Requirements Gathering

I've been asked to work on the development of the core Profiles module for the 2.3 release of XOOPS, the merge of the 2.0.x and 2.2.x branches, based on the 2.2.x Profiles module and the direction for 3.0's profile module.

I'd like us to get some feedback from the community about this as we move into the development of the module. What's worked, and what hasn't and what's important that we haven't captured and have?

I've posted a Profiles Module wishlist of functional requirements (in the XOOPS Wiki Wishlist area). Please provide your thoughts and feedback here in this forum and we can move the synopsis and such in the wiki (so it doesn't get too cluttered).
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