Confused about version history!
  • 2007/11/15 19:35

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I've got a few weeks of intensive experience experimenting with Joomla, and am now comparing Xoops, since Joola did not offer the group control I desperately need for my site.

Xoops seems to be very intensive in it's need for modules, at least as far as what I need to accomplish with my site.

Modules also seem to be very version sensitive, which is expected.

When researching various modules, I've become extremely confused trying to understand XOOPS version history.

I have what is supposedly the most recent version of XOOPS ( but I'm seeing a lot of references to version 2.2x in the forums for a couple of the modules I have installed, and these references are two years old! (in fact, a LOT of the most recent posts for the modules I've got are old, which is further confusing).

Did the version numbers revert to lower numbers at some point within the last couple of years?

This is making it rather convoluted when trying to figure out whether an error received while performing certain operations with those modules is being caused by a version incompatibility.

Is there a comprehensive history of XOOPS version anywhere? I've looked on Xoopdocs.org, and there still seems to be a lot of organizing to be done there. I wasn't able to make heads or tails of what was there, and a lot of the categories are still empty.

I'm not complaining. I'm well aware that everyone's efforts are voluntary, and I appreciate that.

I'm just looking to solve a few problems and having a very hard time even figuring out where to post particular questions. It appears that a lot of the modules in the repository are outdated as is much of the information on the module sites.

Is this just a mis-perception? I've only been digging for a couple of days now, but it seems like a pretty consistent observation, at least in the places I've looked.

Any insight will be greatly appreciated!

Re: Confused about version history!
  • 2007/11/15 19:45

  • Dave_L

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There are presently two branches of XOOPS: 2.0 and 2.2.

The reason for this odd situation is that the lead core developer left and someone else took over and continued development (2.0 => 2.2). Then the first one returned, didn't like the changes done in his absence, and resumed development where he had left off (2.0).

Merging the two branches together (2.0 + 2.2 => 2.3) is a high-priority task for the core development team.

For now, if you're a new XOOPS user, it's recommended that you use 2.0, the current release in this branch being



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