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Posted on: 2007/11/12 19:40
Dave_L (Show more)
XOOPS is my life!
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Creating Inducement Prize for XOOPS

I just received the following email message at my sourceforge.net email address. It looks like spam to me, but I thought I'd check for other opinions.

Moderators: If you agree that it's spam, feel free to quarantine or delete this post.

Message body follows:

I’m the founder of BigCarrot.com, a website that uses crowdsourcing to create inducement prizes to encourage the development of solutions to specific problems, and software development and the open source community seem like ideal application for them.

I’ll be launching the site in the next few weeks and am interested in finding some initial prizes start off with. I’d really like to discuss with you the possibility of creating a prize that addresses a specific issue with XOOPS.

There are no fees for using the site, and I’m not trying to sell you anything.


J. Kent Pepper
Founder, BigCarrot, LLC
497 Manhattan Avenue
New York, NY 10027
kent -at- bigcarrot.com


Posted on: 2007/11/12 20:35
Anonymous (Show more)
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Re: Creating Inducement Prize for XOOPS

Unsolicited email = spam in my book.

Perhaps leave it on show for while in case anyone else has had something similar?

However, I will remove the email-hyperlink in the contact details.