Credit for hacking xoops core and modules
  • 2007/11/6 19:26

  • trabis

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I´m not new to XOOPS but I´m new to develpoment.

I´m hacking smartprofile module, changing filenames, merging with smartobject, giving suport to php4, adding stuff etcetc. Can I, later on, release this module with a diferent name, diferent filenames, diferent database names?
Should I keep credits and make a changelog with all the extra code, removed code, merged code?

And with xoops?
Can I make my own version of xoops? Can I call it xoopsY for example and release it?

How does this credit stuff works and what are the limitations? Thanks!

Re: Credit for hacking xoops core and modules
  • 2007/11/6 20:10

  • vaughan

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leave the creds in the script at all times in GPL code, and you can only release your code under GPL rules too.

but why make smartprofile php4 compatible? php4 is dead, but on that note.. if you read the smartprofile forum you'll find an updated version of smartprofile, that works with both php4 & php5.

and why merge it with smartobject? smartobject is still a development in progress & most future smartmodules will require smartobject to run..

the idea of having smartobject was to save having to have the same classes & functions in every single module.

that way modules can be made far easier, and they will be smaller in size. merging smartprofile with smartobject really negates the whole reason they were created like that.

Re: Credit for hacking xoops core and modules
  • 2007/11/6 20:32

  • trabis

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I´m creating a XOOPS version and I want to do as in xoops2.5 that needs profile module to deal with users and not as part of the core(so i needed to merge two modules in just one, that´s done). I want php4 so it can be compatible with all enviroments. I think this is the ideia of the future XOOPS 2.3
I´ll do the same for Private messages. I´ve implemented also an admin control panel with theme so theme designers can include adminthemes in their releases. I also think it is important for users to have a control panel to manage modules settings and their own settings instead of the normal edituser.php

Thanks for the tip, I wiil look into it, thanks!


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