openid module
  • 2007/7/27 8:33

  • Mauri1230

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Hi all,

Where can I find the openid module for displaying thishttp://www.xoopspro.com/openid/ ?

Thank you very much

Re: openid module
  • 2007/7/27 9:53

  • christian

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The implementation of openid in XOOPS is done in the core and not in a module.

It is yet only one test for the moment and it is not finalized yet .

Re: openid module
  • 2007/7/27 12:17

  • pemen

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For the moment this is more a POC (Proof of concept) and the final version is not released.
The openid implementation in XOOPS needs to be secure.
Identity management, LDAP, Workflow and more

Re: openid module
  • 2007/7/27 12:31

  • davidl2

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I'm looking forward to this .... with more and more systems supporting it - it could be a valuable addition...

However, I would like to see some way of adding existing users across more than one site - perhaps to update them with an openid link if they have already registered?

Re: openid module
  • 2007/7/27 15:27

  • damaster

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Hi Maurizio,

Some time ago the japanese community discuss such OpenID possibility within XOOPS
and since that Sakimura already developed a first solution : module block openid login.

Alike for captcha or reCaptach, developers try to make it secure. You should know by now that none of previous XOOPS solutions is secure enough (due to non-professional approach and new technology improvements).

Also developers should think how to make the core more modular and try to keep in mind that aspect of XOOPS which made it popular.

Hack the core to implement extra features, instead clean and fix it, was the worst thing that some people have done here and only contribute to a crappy patchwork.

P.S. Some services already provide a free and anonymous OpenID account creation !!!
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Re: openid module
  • 2008/2/11 17:18

  • sakimura

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Well, I have not been reading this forum for many years and I just now realized that there were some interest in OpenID module.

Here you are:http://www.sakimura.org/modules/mydownloads/visit.php?cid=1&lid=8

OpenID Module enables users to login to XOOPS and XOOPS Cube sites with their OpenID.
Once successfully authenticated to an OpenID Provider such as Yahoo!, AOL etc., users are asked whether s/he has an existing account at the site to link the OpenID to that account or create a new one.
Supports OpenID 2.0 and thus, XRDS, XRI, etc. Also, it supports sreg so if the OpenID Provider supports it, it can populate the XOOPS users table as well.
Tested against Yahoo!, Linksafe, 2idi.
OpenID RP Module for XOOPS JP.
Author: Nat Sakimura (=nat)
Date: 2008-02-10
Copyright: Nat Sakimura (=nat)
License: GPL
Version: 0.2
PHP OpenID Library: php-openid-2.0.0




1. Unarchive the files under modules/ directory.
2. Define XOOPS_TRUST_PATH somewhere out of the web accessible path
in mainfile.php
3. Create a foloder "_php_consumer" under XOOPS_TRUST_PATH and
change the permission so that it will be writable by the web server.
4. Install the module like other modules.
(For XoopsCube, install the block as well.)
5. Give access permission to guest group for this module.
6. Install block for all the modules.

You can see a demo athttp://www.sakimura.org/en/


1. Create Admin Panel for easy maintenance of the OpenIDs.
2. Make 5 and 6 above automagic.
3. Clean up the code
4. Replace Dummy Admin screens to real ones.
5. Test on PHP 4.x. It has been only tested on PHP 5.2
? Let me know if someone try on 4.x.
6. Make sreg parameters specifiable through admin screen.
7. sreg policy.
9. At account linking, if he enters a wrong password, he has to start over...
This needs to be fixed.

Re: openid module
  • 2008/2/11 17:19

  • sakimura

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You can see a demo athttp://www.sakimura.org/en/

Re: openid module
  • 2008/2/13 19:06

  • giba

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I tested acess and login with XOOPS Cube and work.


Re: openid module
  • 2008/2/13 19:11

  • giba

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I tested here too and work.

Various messages and warnings, but login perfect



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Giba, more...

Re: openid module
  • 2008/2/13 19:27

  • tzvook

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Hi Giba, sakimura
Just a note that myopenid.com works too ...


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