Module Start Page Per User and/or Per Group
  • 2007/4/20 15:27

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I've deployed XOOPS on our internal network as an Intranet site. The active directory authentication is amazing. Currently the site is only used by my Information Systems department. I would like to open it up to the rest of the business. I have only one need before that happens.

I need to be able to set a Module as the Start Page on a per user and/or per group basis.

As an example; I would like those of us in the IS department see the XHelp module on login. While operations sees the News module on login.

How would I accomplish this?

Thank you.

Re: Module Start Page Per User and/or Per Group
  • 2007/4/20 15:34

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Rather then a specific module - you could use Multimenu to create a department specific menu - which in this case would focus first on xHelp.

You could also set a group specific block to give general information (perhaps explaining the options available to their department).

Just thoughts... (back to lurking mode now! )

Re: Module Start Page Per User and/or Per Group

TS-My Startup Page

This module allows an administrator to specify which module is shown at startup for a specific group after login or for anonymous users.

You can now redirect specific groups of users to a part of your site that suits them with an easy to use administration interface.

As an example you can configure your site to do this:
- Start the Content module for Anonymous users
- Start the News module for Registered users
- Start the Forum module for your forumadmins
- etc...

This module requires that you "hack" the include/checklogin.php page.

- Use version 0.2 for XOOPS 2.2.x
- Use version 0.3 for XOOPS 2.0.x


Description :
Un module très simple qui peut servir comme page d'accueil alternative, ou de page de redirection vers une page spécifique.
A very simple module which can be used as an alternative home page, or as a redirection to a specifique page.

i haven't tried either of them.
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