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  • 2007/4/15 7:51

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Asking for your participation

One of the main critisized points of the old file repository was often the quality of the module descriptions. There might have been many reasons for this like lazy submitter, lazy staff member, english not being the native language of the submitter and many more.

I believe the community should have enough members to let us create quality descriptions for the modules. In some cases these might even prove usefull for module/theme authors.

I ask you to pick one or more modules and create a description to help improve the quality for the new repository. And don´t worry about the version today and the one that might end up in the repository when it opens because usually there will be no drastic changes but in most cases only features are added and the general description should still be valid.

This is how it works:

The most important parts are the short description and main description. If you lack any of the following details it does not matter at all and should not stop you from creating a description. They can still be added and as this is a community effort so is completing and possibly updating the description.

There is a thread called "List of modules" in this forum right here It contains a list of modules to pick from. If you have one in mind thats not listed there just do that one. Post a note into that thread though so it will be added to the list.

To start a new description:

- if you start a description for one of these modules/themes please use the template below and open a new thread labeled "Module: <modulename> description" or accordingly "Theme: <themename> description"
- post a link to your created description thread in the thread List of modules and i will add it into the list and later delete that post to keep the list thread itself short

To make suggestions/corrections for an existing description

- just reply in the existing thread for the module/theme and the threadstarter or a member of the repository team will add/edit it accordingly


Some hints about the description:

Please remember the goal of the description is to inform the user what the module does and which value if offers for him. Its not about gloryfying a module like "This is the worlds best module to do this. If offers an amazing and nearly unbelieveable amount of features which will knock you out of your socks once you installed it"
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Re: Repository: How to ... help with descriptions
  • 2007/4/19 17:26

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Example for a module description:

We will use WF-Downloads as an example just to give you an idea ...


Modulename and version

WF-Downloads 3.10

Short description
This description is the short description seen when browsing the repository. It should only consist of 2-5 sentences and only give a basic idea what this module does. Its not supposed for detailed feature descriptions

WF-Downloads is a module to create a file repository so you can offer downloads on your website. It features categorizations, permissions, uploads, notifications and more.

Detailed description
This is the full description supposed to give the user additional informations about details of the modules purpose and features.

WF-Downloads is an advanced downloads module. With this module you can easily create a downloads section on your site and offer files to your users.

WF-Downloads offers the following features:


The module supports the creation of categories and subcategories


Xoops group permission system is used modulewide. You can set downloadpermissions per category and upload permissions for admin and users.


You can add downloads from the admin side, upload files or add links. You can allow your users to upload files or submit links.

Reviews, comments and notifications

Reviews can be submitted for downloads and the default XOOPS comment system be used including notifications for new categories or downloads.

Auto accept or validate

Submissions (files, reviews) can either be automaticly approved or moderated.

Mimetypes for all file-extensions

Decide which mimetypes are allowed for which filetype. Decide which are allowed for admin and which for users.

Screenshots and thumbnails

You can add multiple screenshot or thumbnails to your download description. Also categories can have an image assigned.

Protect your files from crosslinking

Files can be stored outside the webroot so there is no way for other sites directly linking to them.

Extensive download descriptions

You can add text and image descriptions to your downloads and there are also predefined fields for informations like version, license, platform, author ...

Put downloads online and offline easily

You can set defined times per download if you like to make them available at or until a specified date. Also you can just set them 'offline' so they are no longer displayed but you don´t have to delete them if you plan on usinger them later again.

Mirror support

Mirror links can be added to downloads depending on the permissions by the admin and/or users.


The SmartFactory

Home Page

System Requirements:
Xoops 2.0.10 or higher; php 4.x or higher

Now here is the template
Just remove the blanks from the tags.


[b ]Modulename and version[/b ]
[quote ] [/quote ]

[b ]Short description[/b ]
[quote ] [/quote ]

[b ]Detailed description[/b ]
[quote ] [/quote ]

[b ]Version[/b ]
[quote ] [/quote ]

[b ]Publisher[/b ]
[quote ] [/quote ]

[b ]Home Page[/b ]
[quote ] [/quote ]

[b ]System Requirements[/b ]
[quote ] [/quote ]

[b ]Screenshot links[/b ]
[quote ] [/quote ]
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