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Im creating a online football pool and want a module that will consist of a user front end which would be a form with radio buttons. I believe there would be 16 rows total for the 16 NFL Games each week. I want users to be able to enter their picks only one time per week or someway to restrict it and submit them to my database. Possibly if i could set a time when all picks needed to be in that would be cool I would need to be able to edit the caption on the redio buttons, who is playing who. Also include a hidden element, for the username and time.
Then if it is possible to allow the user to view his picks for that week and previous weeks on a page, not sure the best way to do that.
Now this will probably be the tricky part but i want a backend where i can select which teams won, one game at a time because the games end at different times and i want to make the site up to date quickly. Then i want the system to automatically take each users picks and give a value 0 for a loss and 1 for a win on each game then add up the wins to determine a winner. I want to be able to show a list of the current leaders(top 10), (players currently with the most wins) in a block or on a separate page for the players to see.
I kind of like the block that is used for the system module "top Posters". for showing the leaderboard but it is kind of small, i don't know?
I love to learn but im just not at the level of most of you guys and don't know right now how to make a module like this.
If you can't do this then can somebody show me how to create a form that will input data into a database and not send email?
Thanks a bunch!!
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