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Posted on: 2006/6/4 20:18
blindman (Show more)
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Edito and xLanguage

I have read about some problems about using xlanguage.
Is a very cool tool and I like it verry much, but I think that some module could be changed a bit to work with xlanguage.
In my case, I like to use news 1.4.4 for articles that require categories and Edito for articles without categories.
But, unfortunately, Edito (which is a great module) can insert into data base content like [en]text english[/en][fr]text french[/fr] but cannot modify it later. Seems that admin section isn't able to ignore xlanguage and lose the other languages content. ( if you are with english language on, the other languages content is ignored, and if you save, you lose it).
Well, news module manage this problem. I tried to figure out why, but ...
I think is in Edito's admin script, the way it call informations field, to avoid xlanguage action or something...
Anyone face this problem before? Can be Edito modified or hacked, to manage this issue?
Don't follow me. I'm lost too.


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Posted on: 2010/3/12 2:50
analogBoy (Show more)
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Re: Edito and xLanguage

i've try to modify or hack file on /admin/content.php, i add code $myts->htmlSpecialChars($informations) on '//Bodytext' so the code become :

$wysiwyg_text_area= new XoopsFormWysiwygTextArea( 'Koivi Editor<p />'._AM_EDITO_BODY, 'informations', $myts->htmlSpecialChars($informations) , '100%', '400px','');

with adding '$myts->htmlSpecialChars($informations)', i can edit the content that contains xlanguage tags

fyi : im using edito 2.44 version