banner module
  • 2005/11/18 11:53

  • defwind77

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Hi there,

What XOOPS needs is a banner module that'd let users specify vertical/square etc banners.

Currently you can only set one type of banner - so if you've got a 468x60 banner across the top, you simply can't have a 100x320 vertical banner anyway in your entire site - which is silly as many, many sites have three or four different types of banners on one page!

Hopefully it'd be quite simple - we essentially just need the ability to have multiple instances of banners - the XOOPS banner module already does everything required - you simply can't say either:

- if in ad campaign 2 - select vertical banner, or from vertical directory or whatever


- simply choose that ad campaign 2 has vertical banners and campaign 1 has horizontal.

Is this possible? Is any clever soul, smart enough to do this?

Re: banner module
  • 2005/11/19 15:43

  • defwind77

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guess not?

Multiple Banner Help???
  • 2006/5/11 12:40

  • rabideau

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I have read both this thread and the FAQ :

Nowhere do I see how I can use, or if anyone has, implemented two or more different sized/ formatted banners on a XOOPS site.

Any help or ideas on how to do this???

Pax vobiscum,

may the road rise to meet your feet!


Re: Multiple Banner Help???
  • 2006/5/11 20:44

  • TottoBG

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I would recommend, as have also seen is before being recommended by others, integrating an outer ads-management system like phpAdsNew (PAN). Here is an article on this topic -http://www.it-hq.org/modules/AMS/article.php?storyid=118 . It's a really powerful ads-managing software and is open source.


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