Upgrade path for 2.0.10 > 2.2.3
  • 2005/11/10 15:57

  • johnre

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I searched the faq's and docs, but couldn't find a definitive answer on this.
I have 2.0.10 installed and want to upgrade to 2.2.3.
All the 2.2.3 docs mention going from to 2.2.3.
Do I need to upgrade to first? and if so how do I get to from 2.0.10?
Do I need to tun multipl patches?
2.1.10 >2.012a>2.013> and then finally 2.2.3

Is there an easier way? ( please let it be so)


Re: Upgrade path for 2.0.10 > 2.2.3
  • 2005/11/10 18:03

  • tripmon

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You got it... multiple upgrades..Not too painful though.

Make sure to update 'System' via modules admin for each rev.

Most of the interim patches/upgrades are relatively small, so it's not as bad as it seems at first.

Re: Upgrade path for 2.0.10 > 2.2.3
  • 2005/11/10 19:16

  • mactoeknee

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I agree, this should be somewhere in the FAQ-- maybe it is, then it should be somewhere easier to find.

I just did even a bigger upgrade, to 2.2.3a, and I found it easier than I expected to be, since the uploads are small except for one. I actually did *not* update the System after every install, just the last one, and it still worked OK. I also went and uploaded new/updated all the main modules while I was at it, since I have heard some old versions of some modules can sneak in with the updates.

I have three or four more sites to do this weekend (sigh). An auto-updater for XOOPS would be a dream.

One thing I never realized-- if you're using an FTP program, you can drag all the folders and files into your server directory, and it will automatically update only the new files in the folders. I assumed if you dragged a folder to a directory with folder of the same name, it would replace the whole folder, but it actually overwrites just the files it needs to and leaves others alone. So the updating goes a lot faster now than before when I would manually open each folder and directory.


Re: Upgrade path for 2.0.10 > 2.2.3
  • 2005/11/10 21:33

  • johnre

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Thanks for the info everybody, I guess I know what I'm doing this weekend !
The other thing I noticed when I downloaded the updates, that there is no instructions for doing an update just a full install.
I will search the archives I'm sure there are some good "upgrade" instructions out there somewhere!

Re: Upgrade path for 2.0.10 > 2.2.3
  • 2005/11/12 21:20

  • johnre

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I just came across this page and it lists ALL of the updates
It has an update package for going from 2.0.10 directly to

So now instead of having to do 4 updates, I can do 2
2.0.10 to to 2.2.3

I wonder why these updates aren't shown on the main XOOPS site?


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