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Posted on: 2005/8/8 1:57
jjcmoney (Show more)
Just popping in
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Formatting story.title in news module

Hi everyone,

Can someone point me in the right direction? I'm trying to find out where I can seperate out the topic and article title in the news module main page (..../modules/news/).

It seems like they're bundled together as "story.title" and I can't format them directly in the templates.

I'd like to put the words "Topic:" before the topic, then a line break and then "Article:" before the article name. or maybe eliminate the Topic all together...not sure yet

I just can't figure out yet where to edit.




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Posted on: 2005/8/8 5:37
blindman (Show more)
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Re: Formatting story.title in news module

Well, it isn't in the template. Try to fix that in article.php in this zone
$story['id'] = $storyid;
$story['posttime'] = formatTimestamp($article->published(),$dateformat);
$story['news_title'] = $article->title();
$story['title'] = $article->textlink()." : ".$article->title();
$story['topic_title'] = $article->textlink();

I'm not sure, but I have made about the same changes and I was confused too.
And I think you should have a look at .../modules/news/class/class.newsstory.php for the textlink thing.

function textlink()
$ret = "<a href='".XOOPS_URL."/modules/news/index.php?storytopic=".$this->topicid()."'>".$this->topic_title()."</a>";
return $ret;
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