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XOOPS is my life!
Posted on: 2005/7/27 10:56
Mithrandir (Show more)
XOOPS is my life!
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Xoops.org hacked

Monday evening at around 5'ish, European time, xoops.org was hacked.

We believe the hackers exploited a hole in the Apache webserver, which we have now closed (the hole, not the webserver).

We also took the opportunity, since xoops.org was closed anyway, to move the websites to a new server - graciously donated by the great people at EPC Online - and change the structure of the XOOPS installation to facilitate future upgrades.
We also took some time to discuss the future xoops.org sites layout and thought about upgrading the xoops.org websites to XOOPS 2.2, change the themes and reorganise everything. However, this would be the wrong way of doing it. We cannot keep xoops.org closed for too long or you will start worrying. We have just released XOOPS 2.2 and you need a place to discuss it and get support.

We also already have a process of getting solution drafts from the community as to how the xoops.org sites should be organised and how they should look. It would not be right to rush it and not finish that process and get things right.

Unfortunately, the consequences of the attack is that all files we had on the server are toast and have to be recreated.

The XOOPS system files, we can of course recreate, but these elements, we cannot restore:
- User avatars
- Module releases on dev.xoops.org
- A handful of modules in the repository that were hosted on xoops.org

So it will take a while until xoops.org looks like xoops.org again.
The documentation site on http://docs.xoops.org is also down until further notice.
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