Some quick Noob Questions
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Hi everyone I have searched for these questions on this site already and maybe I am using the wrong keywords but I cannot find the answers. Please bear with me if these are repeats but I need to find these answers.

1. There seems to be no outbox for the PM system. There is an inbox but it seems nothing else. Is this true and if so is there another PM system that can be added on that works as seamlessly with the core system?

2. After I send a PM I get a quick pop up screen that is unledgible due to the style we use. Out body has a dark image tiled for a background and well normally the content has a table with white in it to off set that and on this screen there is no table encapsulating the text. I have looked at the smallPM.php file (I think that is the name) and well I know this file generates this screen but I am not seeing a quick fix from the code. I was thinking of using an echo at the top and one at the bottom to put a blanket table around the whole thing nomatter the mode. Thoughts?

3. Is there a way to use HTML code in the Submit News area or for that matter a WYSIWYG editor that works in this area. It would help for formating our article content. We would like to use it in the news feature due to the numerous blocks the news feature has for placing content on our home page. WHat are my options.

I ask these questions as I am in the middle of demoing 4 CMS for our organization. They are Mambo, Zoops, E107, and GeekLog. SO far Mambo is out and well Geeklog we are eh on. That leaves XOOPS and E107 and although E107y seems to do the things I have already asked so far we have been happier with the look and feel of Xoops. XOOPS seems to basically work the way it says for the most part and we have found that let us say refreshing. Anyway any help you guys here on the forum can offer I would greatly appreciate.


Re: Some quick Noob Questions

1. Will be in XOOPS 2.2

3. In News, you can uncheck the "disable HTML" checkbox (only visible to administrators/approvers - depending on version of News) and write HTML. However, linebreaks will always be converted to <br /> so the recommended approach is to write the HTML, then use a HTML compressor that will make it all go on one line.

News 1.3.1 also has support for WYSIWYG editor - check the Dev Forge for latest News module
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