The Use of xoops in E-Learning system management
  • 2005/5/28 9:46

  • fosol

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Title: The Use of XOOPS in E-Learning system management

We have used XOOPS program in a small E-Learning System Management, as BSC. Project from the computer science in Kau, in Saudi Arabia.

The project’s Tools:

We need XOOPS program & windows media encoder which is specialized in live radio & T.V. through the local area network & internet, with some other to change it.

The use of the project:

We use it in the internet $ labs. As much we need it.

The Goals of the project:

The goal is to connect the doctor with his students in a live radio & written through news modules.
The administrator of the site can provide a special section for the doctor to be able to supervise.
The administrator can register the students who are attending his class in the site, After registering them, he can add a new group & give complete authorization ( permission ) to this group to enter only to the doctor’s specialized subject, then the supervise can add new groups.
As you know, there is a private massage in the xooops. We also, added extra options for the members like the private massages which are specialized in Quizzes & Homework and all the options had been added.
After the student being registered in groups to this doctor, he can add the entire lecture’s as much as he can and can show the lecture in the correct chosen time for the lecture.
After he added the lectures:
The doctor & the students will be able to enter of the same time of the first lecture for example. The doctor can start the live radio program & put the live radio link in the lecture, after he starts the lecture the students will be able to listen & see the doctor a live & read the written lecture.
If they have any questions, all they have to do is to add comment to the doctor in lecture as comment and the doctor will answer it as soon as he received in the live area. And if the time of the lecture is up, the doctor will put a link to the lecture after he recorded it instead of a link to listen to the lecture or downloaded it & add the written answers to all the questions for the students and all the comments. So, the students will be able to read the lecture and all comments on the lecture with answer comments when ever he needs. (The student can downloaded the lecture as video or see it as written with answer).
As you know in xoops’s program, there is online members block. So, we show this as block & another block which contains the registered students in the doctor’s group which will be only seen in the doctor’s screen so he can attend them manually.
Before the end of the lecture ( we gave the doctor the permission to send massages to his group which contains his students. ) so, the doctor can go to this mail part & write his quiz & choose to send it to the quiz massage area. Also, choose his group of student & send it. In the students menu. The questions will be shown in the quiz massage area. And all the students do to answer is to go to the reply. The doctor will correct the questions manually.
If he wants to send a homework to this students, he can do the same thing as he do with the quiz but to choose the homework area.
And if the doctor wants to test them auto. With showing the result instantly, there is a special section in competition modules, which will be supervised by the doctor, then he will write the questions in this section with a title like ( quiz#1 ).
The doctor will order the students through the live radio to enter this quiz area. To this course/subject and to enter the title of ( quiz#1 ). In this subject and answer the questions. So, he will be able to see the result of his answers to the questions in the quiz area instantly.

This is the idea of the project in general.
As you know we used XOOPS program and windows media encoder in our project. We have mentioned www.xoops.org as an introducer to our project’s program in our massage. Which has been given to our section ( computer science ).

We have seen that this XOOPS has introduced most of our needs in this project.

The most benefit of this project is to make the archives of the lecture written and seen. So, the visitor and student will be able to see them after the end of lecture or when ever they need.

I’d like to thank all the members of XOOPS site for their support and develop this product( this XOOPS ).

So, I’d like to see your comments about my project if you don’t mind. As soon as you can.
So, I will be able to introduce it as a follow up to our massage.

Re: The Use of xoops in E-Learning system management
  • 2005/5/28 10:01

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nice work good luck

Re: The Use of xoops in E-Learning system management
  • 2005/5/28 16:49

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Do you know Moodle4Xoops ?

Moodle4Xoops is made to build a complete site for professional portails and e-learning management.

Re: The Use of xoops in E-Learning system management
  • 2005/5/28 22:05

  • gtop00

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fosol: Can we see a demo (in English) somewhere?

Re: The Use of xoops in E-Learning system management
  • 2005/5/29 8:01

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gtop00 sorry i dont have a host to make preview But As soon as. you can see it.

jbaudinno i never know but its good job.



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