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After converting the Coppermine Gallery 'Fruit' theme to become an XOOPS theme - you can see it here: Coppermine - I thought to try my hand at creating another theme so I could continue to learn how to go about things. I fancied a dark theme so used the basis for the design off Frontpage. About the only thing really that could give cause for concern is the header gif but I can't see that being an issue really.

This new theme is a bit odd because it doesn't use either left or right menus but I have brought in external menus through iframes. The bank at the top are 3 iframes and the section at the bottom is also an iframe. But only the left side menu block code has been removed. I couldn't figure out how to stretch the middle to full when the left block wasn't being used. The right side works though so I left that block in.

The theme should be ready to put on my site by sometime tomorrow I should think but I have to optimize all the code to reduce white flashes which are very evident at the moment. If you visit be aware this is a job in progress so things will alter until settled. I have put a link on the upper left to go to the Coppermine should you want to. Both themes will be worked on until stable and then maybe I can offer them as downloadable themes.

Radical is I think the right word for this design . The 3 menus are on timers to help me smooth things out. They can be made to only show once per browser session (animation) and will be that way soon. The site is viewable but will sure be made a lot smoother within the next few days.

You can view the site here as it is a Mirror test site I use: Dark Theme.




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