Broken Reports
  • 2005/3/3 5:20

  • C1Team

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Hey I'm a co-admin for a XOOPS site and I get some brokin links for our downloads. I understand the reason for the reports but I see 2 options under the Broken Reports page under the control panel.

1. Acknowledged Set Acknowledged state of broken file report.
2. Confirmed Set confirmed state of broken file report.

I dont understand the difference between the 2 they sound the same to me. Is one for saying we the admins know and is the other saying that the brokin link is fixed?

Can someone explain this to me a little better so I can take the correct action.


Re: Broken Reports
  • 2005/3/3 5:54

  • JasonMR

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As far as I understand it (I shall be corrected by those that know better):

acknowledge := taken notice, but not verified
confirm := same as acknowledge, only with the extra step having been taken, and the broken state of the link has been confirmed/verified

Re: Broken Reports
  • 2005/3/4 2:14

  • C1Team

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ok I guess I'll just fix it and click both.


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