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I have looked through many forums/hacks/modules in searched for a solution to change the display of the URL the user gets in their address bar.

I've learned google is smart enough to index pages with the '?' in their URL. The ?URL does not say much to the user though. What about other independent directories, toplists, or just a plain old reciprical links. It is a definite turn off to the surfers and other sites scripts.

URL Parsing or Exploding URLs
I remember reading this article (think it was on About Network, will post when found) on re-writing URLs and to do it very easily with PHP and .htaccess. I think this could be turned into a great module if it was built VERY BASIC.

It seems the current modules attempt to do this action as a whole to the entire site. What if there was a module that only eploded URL's that the admin had selected and had specified a definite URL output for it.

Maybe a good layout would be a single text box, in the currently viewed page, to type a displayed URL. The theory is if you can surf there, then you can manipulate the URL.

For example, if you wanted to, you could view a comment of a news article and assign it a new URL, then link to it on other areas of your site, other peoples sites, and search engines. That would be awesome, you would not be limited to a set standard of URL re-writing.

Well, this is just an idea. I'm still learning to script. So it's up to the XOOPS community.



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