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This may not be the best place to post this, but it seems possibly appropriate.

I am looking for what would probably be a module used to track customer account information. We do basic design work (print ads, logo design, websites) and DTP, and most (if not all) of our customers like to be able to look at their sites on-line. What we want to do is have a page that would display specific information for that customer only. Mostly what we want to do is have a page that would in one place give them links to their current drafts (either a server directory or a link to a PDF if it's a print project), links to their hosting control panels, and possibly a brief text message from us related to the status of ongoing projects.

Obviously, we don't want just the general public to see everyone's stuff, nor (for that matter) everyone with a registered account. (A couple of our clients are competitors, so that would be bad for obvious reasons.) So, for that reason, it all has to be linked to the person's account. And we'd like to keep it within XOOPS (since that's what we are going to be doing the new site under) for a consistent look.

Is there an existing module like this, or a better way that I'm just not thinking of?

(What I'm thinking might work is a mild hack of the Account Info--currently part of the system, I believe--that could run side-by-side with the Account Info page.)

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Something else that occurred to me that would probably be good with this is to have the users automatically redirected to this page upon successfully logging in. How easy is that to do? The more I think about it, the more I think I might be able to accomplish most or all of this by doing some moderate hacking of the Account Info files.

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Set up a multimenu menu, and set permissions so only admin/webmaster level sees it - or the relevent client.

Set the client up in their own group - ie COMPANYXYZ

Wrap the pages in tinycontent - or similar.

Then what would be needed at the top of the actual page is a php if-statement, to move people not in the correct group, back to the main front pages (then they would not be able to see the menu if not in that group, and would be unable to access it directly via url).

Fiddly? Perhaps. Would it work? Should do!


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