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Posted on: 2004/3/5 0:55
kevinv (Show more)
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Can XoopsMailer send attachments?

Can the XoopsMailer send a e-mail message with an attachment?


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Posted on: 2004/3/5 5:16
El_Jordo (Show more)
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Re: Can XoopsMailer send attachments?

I'm almost sure the answer is no.

Your best bet here might be to do a SQL query to extract e-mail addresses of users, then use a regular e-mail client to send them the e-mail with attachment. (Blind carbon copy, of course!) However, it's generally considered bad karma to send attachments to groups, because of the potential of sending a virus.

Here's the SQL query I use to mail my users every week (because the built-in mailer doesn't work for groups over 100 people):

SELECT email FROM xoops_users WHERE user_mailok = '1'

You might also check out this module. I haven't used it, but it looks like it might do what you want.