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Posted on: 2003/12/2 2:49
philroy (Show more)
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An app to connect with Xoops?

Hi all,

Just wondered what people's thoughts were on this....pMachine is CMS that seems to be predominantly about blogging. I've always been fascinated by it, as it's produced by a Mac user and at one point, considered using it (although I quickly say I decided not to).

But have a look at this...
It's an app that let's you do your blogging work on your Mac and then upload it into your pMachine system/site.

Now, I'm not into blogging, but what are the chances of an application that would allow you to work on XOOPS on your desktop, but from an app rather than a web page?

Anyone ever done something like this? Or is it just not a feasible idea?




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Posted on: 2003/12/2 2:52
intel352 (Show more)
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Re: An app to connect with Xoops?

it's been done in other cms's as well, i've seen it done to manage news submissions before, i believe (don't remember what cms, saw it almost a year ago, lol)

so yeah, it's feasible, dunno if anyone here would want to take the time to develop that...

tho, i believe usually the app that you use from your desktop, is actually something free that you can implement.. you just gotta track down the guys that make it to get a copy, cus i don't remember who, ehehe