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Posted on: 2003/11/23 15:43
dantom (Show more)
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Why is not possible?...:(

hello! :)

I wanto use a check-box for language in edituser.php (1.3.x)
using xoos-object

this is the logic that i want to obtain:
1 - user selected for example Inglese and Tedesco
2 - when he returns in own userinfo.php must see aa HTML Table field like this:

<tr><td>Inglese Tedesco</td></tr>

(i want to store in database this data...using like feel-xoops object code...like this:


$edituser->setVar("lingue", $lingue); //(if no, witch xoops-programmer am i? )


3 - When user return in edituser.php checkbox -> Inglese Tedesco must be selected.
4 - if user deselected Inglese...and selected spagnolo store in DB field lingue -> Tedesco Spagnolo

How can do this?

My personal try:
in the edituser.php after op=saveuser i add:


$edituser->setVar("lingue", $lingue); //where $lingue is array that i want stores in db-xoops_users (field lingue)


in xoopsuser.php:


1 - $this->initVar("lingue", "textbox", NULL, false, 50, true);
2 - Add code INSERT TO -> lingue ecc..ecc.. VALUES '$lingue'
2 - Add code UPDATE TO -> SET lingue='$lingue'

Here i don't know i must entry '$lingue' or '$lingue[]'
lingue='$lingue[]; //return blank page
lingue='$lingue[0];// return a //


untill now, when i try....in the field xoops_users (lingue) there is this word: "Array" but no "inglese Spagnolo".
if i make a foreach on "array" return a, r, r, a, y eheheheheh :C
What can i do?
can you help me?

i hope that i am been clear
Is there an another way for kake this? How?

thank thank thank

sorry for my bad english