Re: Newbb 4.3
  • 2012/7/8 4:32

  • sova

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I agree with irmtfan and aslani606 and RezaMR.
this Thanks button is very useful.
Now most forum systems have Thanks button.

Re: Newbb 4.3
  • 2012/7/8 5:18

  • irmtfan

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I just find another minor error.
the word "Benutzerinformationen" (in germany?) is hardocded in templates:

in newbb/templates/newbb_thread.html
<img style="padding:2px;" onclick="ToggleBlockCategory('<{$topic_post.post_id}>', this, '<{$xoops_url}>/modules/<{$xoops_dirname}>/templates/images/icon/more.png', '<{$xoops_url}>/modules/<{$xoops_dirname}>/templates/images/icon/more.png')" src="<{$icon_path}>/more.png" alt="Benutzerinformationen" title="Benutzerinformationen" />

Thank you for the "Thank you" support

@ Alfred:
You removed the imageset feature. IMO it is not good for localization but i should navigate more through newbb 4.3 to say my final view point.

Re: Newbb 4.3
  • 2012/7/10 5:50

  • irmtfan

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unfortunately the attached is not work anymore.
The file is uploaded to "uploads/newbb" folder successfully (i can see it in ftp) but it is just not showed in the post.
Please pay attention to it more closely. no error

Also i should beg you to add number_format local function to newbb.
no developer use number_format function for numeric fields in xoops but we can start from newbb 4.3

just need to be added like this.
for example for post_no:

line 544:
'post_no' => $post_no,


'post_no' => XoopsLocal::number_format$post_no)



line 314:

'post_no' => $start+$pn


'post_no' => XoopsLocal::number_format($start+$pn)

you can continue for all numeric fields.

@ alfred:
i dont know why you dont use your function showPost in viewpost.php like you used in viewtopic.php:


Re: Newbb 4.3
  • 2012/7/11 12:33

  • Anonymous

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After upgrading from 2.5.4 to 2.5.5 I upgraded the nlxoops forum to the latest svn version. All seems to work except... Posts are not showing (not realy blank pages, they show only "Reply | Top").

I cleared all caches, optimized the bb database tables, rebuild the templates and so on...

Upgrade was from the earlier depricated 4.x fork.

For as far as I can see debug does not show forum related issues. Help!


Re: Newbb 4.3
  • 2012/7/12 10:46

  • Yurdal

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1. remove user.php in language
2. are there any lines in your .htaccess for newbb, remove them for test (if you use SEO for newbb only enable the one who came with the module, dont have to edit the root .htaccess of your website)
3.Clear all the cache via FTP

I know i have been there :)

Re: Newbb 4.3
  • 2012/7/12 11:08

  • Anonymous

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1. remove user.php in language

Thanks a lot Yurdal, this did the trick !

Re: Newbb 4.3
  • 2012/7/13 11:11

  • Anonymous

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The editor windows showed up very tiny. I managed to stretch the "new post" editor window by increasing "editor_cols" in /newbb/include/plugin.php So far so good but this does not affect the "Fast reply" editor window. Where can I find the settings for that?

Resized Image

Re: Newbb 4.3
  • 2012/7/14 0:15

  • Mamba

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So far so good but this does not affect the "Fast reply" editor window. Where can I find the settings for that?

in viewtopic.php look for the line:

$quickform = ( !empty($xoopsModuleConfig["editor_default"]) ) ? $xoopsModuleConfig["editor_default"] : "textarea";
Use 2.5.10 | Docs | Modules | Bugs

Re: Newbb 4.3
  • 2012/7/14 5:12

  • irmtfan

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Thank you flipse and Mamba because you mention some uncovered issues in newbb.
Mamba that line is not the correct one to touch.
Through navigating codes of newbb i found that the developer (Alfred) did some different manners in some files. I mentioned one in my last post. (The showPost function)
For this current issue, there are some new hardcodes appeared.

Anyway, to solve this issue i can recommend the following:

in newbb/viewtopic.php around line 614 replace these line:
$editor_configs["caption"] = _MD_MESSAGEC;
$editor_configs["name"] ="message";
$editor_configs["rows"] = 10;
$editor_configs["cols"] = 30;

with these:
$editor_configs["name"]     = "message";
$editor_configs["value"]    = $message;
$editor_configs["rows"]     = empty($xoopsModuleConfig["editor_rows"])  ? 10        $xoopsModuleConfig["editor_rows"];
$editor_configs["cols"]     = empty($xoopsModuleConfig["editor_cols"])  ? 30        $xoopsModuleConfig["editor_cols"];
$editor_configs["width"]    = empty($xoopsModuleConfig["editor_width"]) ? "100%"    $xoopsModuleConfig["editor_width"];
$editor_configs["height"]   = empty($xoopsModuleConfig["editor_height"])? "400px"   $xoopsModuleConfig["editor_height"];

The above is not the final solution.
I think Alfred should come and write that final solution.

just IMO the developer should use the below way instead of the aboves:

include 'include/form.post.php';

there are some more hardcodes and missing codes in this module which i will debug this module more deeply and report here as well

Re: Newbb 4.3
  • 2012/7/14 7:02

  • irmtfan

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I found a new functional bug:
- It does not show the edit record when you dont write the edit reason message.
You know the edit reason is Optional so it should display the record even when there is not a reason.

I have a solution.
in newbb/class/post.php around line 245
replace this:
if ($edit_msg != "") {
$post_edit _MD_EDITEDBY " " $edit_user " " _MD_ON " " formatTimestamp(intval($edit_time)) . "<br/>"._MD_EDITEDMSG " " .$edit_msg."<br />";

$post_edit _MD_EDITEDBY " " $edit_user " " _MD_ON " " formatTimestamp(intval($edit_time))."<br />";
                if (
$edit_msg != "") {
$post_edit .= _MD_EDITEDMSG " " .$edit_msg."<br />";

I think the above is the final solution for this bug.

Just i have a feature request from developer:
why not record all edits? It is just record the last edit in the databse.
But IMO it is a very good feature especially for high traffic websites.
I really love to see all activities will be logged in modules like newbb, news.

Anyway there is a feature request for it in the core:


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