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Just popping in
Posted on: 2010/4/1 19:07
HarveyNoel (Show more)
Just popping in
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Re: 2009 XOOPS Website Redesign

Hi From Paris, France.
So sorry for my english...

I've tried to login for 30 mns, wow ! Ok, found it on Home page...

We (Xoops users) have a right vertical bar with some ads (ok ok, it's a joke ! For the moment ?), the same on many pages, but Login is only available on Home page.

Anyway, i dont want to keep ANY "remember me" flag on my (6) computers, many reasons fot that. So i need to login, with my fav password software running, when i call THIS TOTALLY GREAT SPACE (not a software, a real space where you breath) called XOOPS.

Well, now i now the process : go to home, login, and AFTER start your search... And try to find again the page you were interested by.

Ok, only a "mouvement d'humeur", no reply needed, and may be i've only missed a step...

Thx, au plaisir !


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Posted on: 2010/4/1 19:19
kris_fr (Show more)
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Re: 2009 XOOPS Website Redesign


La boite de connexion est sur toutes les pages de ce site (en haut de page au dessus du header)
N'oublies pas également que tu as un site de support pour la communauté francophone http://www.frxoops.org
Si tu as des problèmes de connexion sur un site xoops, je t'invite à faire ce test --> http://tutos.xoofoo.org/browser_check/