Re: Latest Publisher module?
  • 2013/1/4 1:04

  • sabahan

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trabis wrote:

sabahan wrote:
Hye trabis

i create the /uploads/publisher/content/ and that fix it

can this folder be create automatically next time ?

Do you have write permissions on uploads folder?
I did not tested under linux.

i tested this in Localhost windows environment
PHP Version 5.3.1
mySQL Version 5.1.41

the uploads folder in read only

Re: Latest Publisher module?
  • 2013/1/4 1:14

  • sabahan

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jcweb wrote:
Hi all and sorry i jump to your thread

First, glad to see you find time to help us @trabis!!!

To that last point, some of our servers runs under user mode, so they did not need (we can modify manual if we need or want) permission (chmod) to that folder. But if we set 777 to the upload folder (it is in that case), the content folder will not create automatically. If i remember right, is the content folder only for the wrap html files, or? The problem is, the user cannot define or set a upload path in the admin section of the modul. For you to know, the user did not use the last version from the svn.

That the point i jump to your thread. The users they work with the publisher modul cannot work with tortoise. If you, dear trabis or anyone able to copy it to the module repository on sourceforge? So we can help to test the latest versions of the module.

Greets Andy

on live server what is the default permission for xoops uploads folder should be ? 777 or 755 ?

Re: Program to Download SVN
  • 2013/1/4 3:57

  • Mamba

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Very nice! Thanks for the link!

This will be useful for many people!

I have added it to our FAQ Download section, so next time if somebody asks about downloading files from SVN, please just point to that link above.
Use 2.5.10 | Docs | Modules | Bugs

Re: Program to Download SVN
  • 2013/1/4 18:55

  • jcweb

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First of all, thank you all - fantastic and simple tool. Michael, are you able and finding time to publish at the daw entry the link to the svn, this should be the major problem some have. Thanks in advance

Here my report after the first installation of the new version from the trunk:
1. Module works
2. The upload folder for the module will not create automatically. In this case it would be helpfull you send the folders for the upload folder (publisher and inside content) as extra to the download.
3. The file attachment will save in the publisher folder and the wrap html files in the content folder, taht works for me! The only thing but this has nothing to do with the modul, suddenly i cannot upload pdf attachment with the firefox browser. I modify the file extension of the module, see below:
application/acrobat application/x-pdf applications/vnd.pdf text/pdf text/x-pdf application/x-forcedownload application/pdf application/octet-stream application/download application/x-download

Now it works.
4. The pdf creator to the articles shows the german umlauts wrong, utf-8 problem i think.

So we gonna test now some features they was buggy in the past. Where should we send the german lang files if we have finisehed them?

Greets and thanks @trabis and all they work on the module!

Re: Latest Publisher module?
  • 2013/4/9 1:10

  • bosco

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is there some news for this module ?

It's really usefull, and i would love to see a RTM version.

I also need to remove "publisher" from <title> because it's not really friendly in title : Page name - Main cat > Sub cat - publisher : Site name. Removing publisher or "> Sub cat" or add the possibility to display or not Sub cat may be great :)

Re: Latest Publisher module?


bosco wrote:
is there some news for this module ?

Please see here and think about using the search function

Maybe latest changes to add, but I didn't test yet.

Re: Latest Publisher module?
  • 2013/6/1 21:56

  • Tarik

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I'm a bit lost here but why isnt it uploaded in the repository?
and why does the search function (xoops.org) doesnt list results from it?

Edit: seems the entire repository module is acting weird: catergories desc 'array', allot of modules are not listed...



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