Re: Defacer 1.0 alpha is released for feature requests
  • 2010/4/1 17:59

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Hey trabis

Long time

Found a bug and a fix in defacer.
When I had more then 15 Meta pages - the "Meta Manager" got blank (right after the tabs) ... a few tests showed it was the "$metacount" function at /admin/admin_meta.php which calls a missing file ( include_once XOOPS_ROOT_PATH.'/class/metanav.php )

Here is the fix (with the original lines eliminated by the "//TZ")
lines 59 - 68 at my "/admin/admin_meta.php" version

if ($metacount 0){
        if (
$metacount $limit) {
//TZ            include_once XOOPS_ROOT_PATH.'/class/metanav.php';
//TZ            $nav = new XoopsmetaNav($metacount, $limit, $start, 'start', 'op=list');
//TZ            $xoopsTpl->assign('pag','<div style="float:left; padding-top:2px;" align="center">'.$nav->renderNav().'</div>');
include_once XOOPS_ROOT_PATH.'/class/pagenav.php';
$nav = new XoopsPageNav($metacount$limit$start'start''op=list');
$xoopsTpl->assign('pag','<div style="float:left; padding-top:2px;" align="center">'.$nav->renderNav().'</div>');

Hope it'll be of use for someone ....

There's probably a need to see if the same bug exist in the "Theme manager" and in the "Permission Manager" - I havn't reached 16th in there .... so I don't know ....


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