Re: IP address relocated
  • 2012/12/5 2:13

  • Karl

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Thanks Rod,

I will go learn more about the "permissions". I'm using linux though not unix. So, i'll check for linus first i guess.

Otherwise, Godaddy has been able to clean my "cache foltder", erasing all files in there. My website is still not working though. It is hard for me to understand how come Godaddy can manage my FTP files when i can't even do it myself or don't have the permission myself to do so.. And on top of that, i asked them to check "my website ownership settings" to see if everything was in orther and they didn't answer me on that one??

Anyway, i'll go read about the permissions for now and will certainly be back for an update.

Thanks, it's very appreciated.


Re: IP address relocated

Linux is a Unix Variant so it follows Unix rules in most cases.

Re: IP address relocated
  • 2012/12/5 15:08

  • Karl

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Oh, I checked about the permission rules for both Unix & Linux, witch a understand.. good stuff.

- Therefore, i haven'T found the the files that have that kind of writing in it. I guess i'll have to check them all, one by one, to know if the permissions are right inthere.

- At the same time, i do have a "Permissions" access board into my FTP file manager, that give me the chance to change the (read, write, execute) options. That, for owner & viewers. Maybe, it's sufficient enough?

At this point though, i'm really don't know what'S going on. Before the server migration, i've never played with FTP file codes and now, nothinsg is working??

Do you have any other tricks or thing that you could know that i could had as code into a file or something that would make the difference?

Or should i change something like: my whole system, the XOOPs template or the whole Godaddy hosting... i don't know anymore? Maybe, what i need is a very specialyzed website programmer or something??

Let me know what you think..
Thanks for everything.


Re: IP address relocated

Check your PM for my email and I will try to talk you through sending me screen shots for what you have and what to check for.

Again, I am unsure what the permissions are SUPPOSED to be but I believe I have some notes somewhere that has it written down. Unless someone else happens to see this and can offer up what they are supposed to be.

I know for me seeing the permissions as:
instead of 777 makes much more sense.

But setting of the permissions for me setting them with the 777 is much easier than trying to set them with the letters. However unless you have shell access you won't be able to use the linux tools to set them.

It is likely that using your ftp program will be the easiest way to do it. Some how they must have actually physically moved your files to a different server and screwed up your permissions but have to figure out what is broken so we can fix it.


Re: IP address relocated

A note about the .htaccess file...

I have NOT played with this so I am not going to be able to help you much. My understanding is that this file tells apache to change some settings from the default settings of the server.

I just looked at what I have on my system and you really don't need the .htaccess files to make xoops work. There are some files in some directories but they are there as a security measure.

Check the email I am sending you in a PM.
I will zip up the .htaccess files in my system (2.5.5) and email them to you.
Delete all of the .htaccess files in your system and replace them with the ones I will email you.

From there we can work this through and see what is going on.




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