Re: Side-effect

Thanks again Richard for testing. I expect some other issues like this to come up.

I am hoping to have a new version available shortly with your changes and some minor adjustments to work with what I already have found available today or tomorrow. I am starting at a new college in the fall and I have some missing paperwork I need to find ASAP.

I am only going to go part time so hopefully I will have more time available. It looks like I will need to do some code review of the modules included with the core before I go through the module pack.

Re: MySQLi Connectors Thread

Ok I have patches up for 2.5.7 and 2.6 in the SVN. These patch the current Module Admin and MySQL connector in both so that they will read the proper version for MySQL and will work without further editing when new Connectors are added to either 2.5.7+ or 2.6.

I will be updating the MySQLi connector with some changes that are needed and were pointed out (And most done) by Richard.

There are some other items I need to test before I release a new version but will require the updated patches for the MySQLi connector to report the proper version.

Thanks for your help Richard!

To apply the patches just copy the files from the SVN in my name over the top of the current files. It removes the hard coding that is in the current module admin classes and replaces them with code that reads from the database connector. Otherwise modules using the module admin class and 2.6 won't report the proper database version when using MySQLi.


Re: MySQLi Connectors Thread

Update and quick question...

Posting this was great, it got some good conversation going and some stuff going in another direction for 2.6. At this time the MySQLi connector will be finished for the 2.5 series but won't be used for 2.6. I am working on something else right now but will get back to this shortly to polish it up with the feedback I have gotten so far.

It has also sparked a conversation with another user which I am curious what the consensus is.

The current MySQL connector code is depreciated with php 5.5. Which means when hosts start running php 5.5 xoops will display a bunch of depreciated warnings when using the current MySQL connector.

The fix for this however is to run a connector based off MySQLi code instead.

The connector I developed that uses MySQLi code uses class names based off MySQLi instead of MySQL. As written this connector when used will break code that accesses the class directly since it uses MySQLi named classes and any currently written code will be looking for MySQL. The other issue is any code written that uses the current connector but also adds additional MySQL code will break with this MySQLi coded connector.

Another member suggested making a MySQLi based connector with MySQL named classes. This will get around code that calls the class directly as long as the class function being called is compatible. It will still break the code that accesses MySQL code directly outside of the connector class.

It was brought up to maybe include this new MySQL named MySQLi coded connector with one of the next releases as default and put the old connector in the extras folder. This would "break" those modules that will break now and allow time to get them running before the MySQL code is removed from PHP all together.

Personally I think it would be better to put this new MySQL class named MySQLi connector in the extras folder so that people can test it out on their own and then swap them around in the future when php 5.5 is commonly used by hosting companies. I think purposely breaking some of those modules at this point in time is a bad thing. My thought is that anyone that has been around a while will want to run the MySQLi connector so they can update their modules and have no worries but newbies will see it as a "broken" system and be chased off when a bunch of the modules they try don't work.



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