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I need someone to write in their native language into the wiki on my site.

just post something there in 'pt'. login not necessary.
Make new pages ... please -- editing and saving will save to the last language edited in.

I will then come to it and convert it into other languages.
via a code insert.

Those who have an idea of what is going on here, feel free to copy the existing code and changing the language pair along with the page title and see what you can do with it.


I wish to have the one wiki for multilanguage use.

each person using their own language.

I am picking up on your original idea... it was not my own.

http://upnrunnin.hypermart.net/xoops03/ <<wiki site I am currently using.

go to pt_table_of_contents
click on it
Brings up the english template:toc
and the link to the edit for pt_table_of_contents. or fr or es or de versions whichever you select.
...do not edit...
then at the bottom of the edit page
is the link to the completed translation
formated correctly...
as sample copy and pasted below.

Molde: Toc


2.15. Os moldes diferentes para um único módulo
2.16. Editando um molde

Lista das tabelas
2.1. Avatar novo
2.2. Bandeira nova
2.3. Cliente novo
2.4. Administração do bloco
2.5. Edição do bloco
2.6. Status dos comentários
2.7. Comentários da lista
2.8. Usuários do achado
2.9. Adicionando categorias da imagem
2.10. Adicionando limas da imagem
2.11. Usuários do correio
2.12. Ajustes gerais
2.13. Ajustes do Info do usuário
2.14. Tag e Footer do Meta
2.15. Instalação do correio

Recuperado de “http://upnrunnin.hypermart.net/xoops0 ... ex.php?title=Template:Toc


DONE via code implants.

I need help getting it where people do not save their language OVER an existing copy in the original language.

Right now my solution to that is a save-as to desktop html version of the preview --
A little work by some informed people and we can have this thing operable.

There may be an easier way of doing it and I suspicion there is: The idea is ONE WIKI FOR ALL. IT WILL BE PRESENTED TO EACH END USER FOR EDIT IN HIS/HER OWN LANGUAGE.

That is what I am attempting to achieve.

BTW: yes, I know this doesn't have anything to do with selecting team members... design or documentation, I apologize.

there is a 'es' table of contents too.
This is one english version presented to user in language of his/her choice. The method for converting is pull up the title in the lang suffice you wish to work on or view the site in... then all documents posted will be vieable in native language and editable in native language.
Meaning a new page created in spanish will be presented to the english user for edit in English.
We will have no problem with new pages, it is the pages for template purposes that have been done in another language that are in jeopardy.

@Kris, one is in fr too.

I am just trying to get this to pull together. It is not testable without foreign users input, in their own language.

I can't write in your language but I can read the conversion.

https://xoops.org/modules/repository .. It is time to get involved - XOOPS.ORG



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