Re: sry to ask Ive searched
  • 2006/12/23 13:34

  • pod

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If you could post the code from the HTML page in question, or link us there, it might help in troubleshooting this. From what you have said thus far though, I can offer two suggestions:

First, make sure that your XML file and your SWF file are in the same directory as the page you are attempting to view them on.

If that doesn't work, look to the OBJECT tag in your html page. Specifically, look at the movie parameter:
<param name="movie" value="whatever.swf" />

Where maybe you will see something like:
<param name="movie" value="whatever.swf?xmlfile=myxmlfile.xml" />

...in which case you want to make sure the value of 'myxmlfile.xml' points to the XML file in question on your server.

If this & all else fails, you can zip your project files & send them to me & I'll take a look at it & see what I can do. You can email me directly from my website link below.

Hope this helps =)
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Re: sry to ask Ive searched
  • 2006/12/23 16:16

  • carnuke

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I tried adding a custom block which shows but only a red x no pic.

These are easy to solve in Internet explorer. Simply right click on the red X and select image properties. This will give you the path that YOU have set for the image (mozila won't do this...shame) Now check this path with the real path that leads to that image. To test it, enter the path in the browser address bar, it will display the image if correct. Now go and check/change that path in your code to get it to show correctly.

Paths are real important, especially if you are using /../.. etc. (relative paths)
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