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Posted on: 2005/6/20 16:32
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Re: Wordbook v1.15 beta - Search results

Hi hsalazar

I don?t know if you like soccer, anyway...congrats
México 1 x Brasil 0 , hehehe.

I've taken a look to the whole mess about that cleantags matter. This was supposed to filter the output so that only selected HTML tags would be used.

The funny thing is that even if we put, for instance the < b > and the < img > in the list of the allowed tags it seems to don?t work.

I decided when building the index interface that images wouldn't be allowed, because having no control over their size, they'd break the carefully arranged blocks by altering the width of the random term block.

But look, we can use images, the only problem that i?ve noticed with them is that when we use the search features they don?t show up on the results.

BTW> I just love the "carefully arranged blocks" job that you?ve done

so I'll have to delve deeper into the code. It'll take some more time.

We?ll wait......I guess that when you did it we?ll have a module that can handle alone a whole inciclopedia, It?ll be really fantastic, don?t you think so?

Thanks amigo