Re: How to change users avatar?
  • 2005/4/17 15:41

  • piroman

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this is logical approach, but admin must know what he's doing :( Maybe better trick is to log in as a user whos avatar you're trying to change, and do it throught XOOPS interface. This would be much easier method for me. Problem is that I can't login as another user, without changing users pass, and I don't wanna do this!

The best solution is that in next incarnation of xoops, there should be ability to change user avatar as admin, in user edit mode!

Thanks for idea, this solves the problem, for admins that are not lazy as me :) :) :)

Re: How to change users avatar?
  • 2005/4/20 6:30

  • Hisoka

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The same question has been asked on french forum and a hack is available.

It allows you to display and change member's avatar by admin menu.

Look here:


Hope you will be happy :)

Re: How to change users avatar?
  • 2005/4/28 12:01

  • RolyMo

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Many thanks, Hisoka.

For me, one of the big reasons to switch from phpBB is that to get away from modifying the system's files. The modular approach will (hopefully) allow me to upgrade a system like XOOPS than a heavily modded phpBB board. I don't think I am likely to start modding my shiny new XOOPS system - its a backward step from my point-of-view.

Thanks, also, for the phpMyAdmin info. In my case, I know enough to know that (a) there would be a method to use a phpMyAdmin solution and (b) its not my prefered method to administer my site.

I still see the ability for an admin to add/change a user's avatar as an omission from XOOPS. Agree with piroman that the ideal scenario for us simple admins is that this feature is added to the next incarnation of XOOPS.

Given my acknowledgement and admiration of the effort that has gone into the XOOPS project, I admit that I feel a wee bit disappointed that no-one from the XOOPS development team has commented in this thread. Its a respectful request for a new feature - not a complaint or flame.

Re: How to change users avatar?

Hope this hack works. Any other soultions?



This hack makes it possible to post and modify the misadventure of a member in the menu admin - edition of a member.

ATTENTION ON CERTAIN VERSION (2.06) it does not want to change because of the password, therefore to decontaminate it (no incidence in the profile of the banner page)

line 110 and 111 of userform.php
// $$pwd_text = new XoopsFormPassword(_AM_PASSWORD, "pass", 10, 32);
// $$pwd_text2 = new XoopsFormPassword(_AM_RETYPEPD, "pass2", 10, 32);

This hack is not for 2.0.10


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