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 Re: 7dana-round

Does anyone know where in the code you can change in some places the orange text to another colour. Cause in some spots of my site the orange is just to bright and burn the eyes lol. thanx in advance


 Re: 7dana-round

Look in the style.css file.


 Re: 7dana-round

Really like this theme and may well use it in the future. Two quick questions re: the forums ...
The blue button on the top right of the main forum page containing the "Main Options" menu does not stretch across the whole width, as it oftn appears in other themes. Is there a way to modify the theme so that it does?
The other quickie - I have a pretty poor eye for colour clashes, etc. (and a limited but growing knowledge of XOOPS layouts, etc.) I'd like to change the category font colour from orange to a slightly darker colour. Is there a way to do this?

Many thanks for any help. Makalu

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